Five Miles to and from Town. It’s the same either way.

Been listening to recordings of Clyde Davenport playing the tune “Five Miles to Town”, working really hard to copy his phrases on my fiddle. There’s no question I’m still much more at home on the hammered dulcimer… So after putting in a few hours on that tune last night and some today too, it was fun to sit at the ol’ dulcimer and see how it laid out for those two hammers. It’s a crooked little fella, innocently peeking out from behind the corner every time that Bminor rolls around.
Here, I really paid no mind at all to tempo, just tried a few different things. Didn’t care at all about the low D being out of tune, or “rich”, as they might say. I was just diggin’ on the tune, figuring out different places for little accents and pulses… Might be one to take to the studio on the next trip… Monday!


One response to “Five Miles to and from Town. It’s the same either way.”

  1. Chris says :

    Lovely tune, Christy. Gives a charming relaxed sense of journeying that 5 miles!
    However, your camera angle hid the ‘crooked little fella’ so that we couldn’t see how your hammers coped with that plaguey Bminor! (Perhaps that was the intention…)

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