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Sail Away Ladies (reworked.) (very.)

Well here’s the latest on one of my all-time favorites. This is me and Kara Miscio practicing a whole new set of chords, harmonies, and rhythms for Sail Away Ladies. We’ll take these ideas to the studio this week and see if we can get a good take! My new CD is coming, slowly but surely! I think this one will be a sweet addition.

Evelyn Glennie, deaf musician

This is too important. Must share.

12 Days of Christmas, Day 1

I know, I know, the official twelve days don’t start ’til later, but I’m calling this MY twelve days of Christmas, because I will post twelve different Christmas songs between now and… um… when the wise men get here. I guess.
So that’s the goal. Creative people need projects and goals. Even goofy ones help!
Enjoy this post, celebrating MY first day of Christmas. Day two might come tomorrow, maybe the next day… And I’ll see which Christmas song inspires me then!

I Saw Three Ships

Chattanooga Times Free Press Podcast

It’s all about me! Well, and about a very cool musical future for Chattanooga. Thank you so much, Sean Phipps!—christie-burns-studio-99-071709/

And for added interest, here’s the post from way back when I first captured the tune “Cockeyed Hen”  from Casey:

Colorado Swedish Tunes Workshop Wrap-up

Thanks, Betsy, for the nudge reminding me to upload these. Here’s “Polska from Solna” and “Polska from Kumla,” the two Swedish tunes we worked on at the Colorado Dulcimer Fest back in February.

Jenny Jenkins

I’m not sure that I get it, but I know I like it.

This kid gets it.  Viva la folk process.

Summer Memory

I stumbled across this on YouTube. I think it’s kind of fun that some tourist happened to capture a piece of this unique day when my friend Helen Gubbins was visiting.