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Never What You Expect.

People assume that you go to Ireland to study Irish music. But what I found there was so much more diverse. Unfortunately, I can’t remember this guy’s name or how we met, but he plays the Indian vina. You’re hear it and think “sitar,” and it’s in the same family, but it’s a vina. I really do wish I could remember his name. The minidisc is labeled “vina” and that’s it, although I do know it was 2003, because I remember him coming to practice in my room at the Leeside apartments– the room on the top floor that had the slanted ceiling window thing. I’d wake up in the mornings and watch the scrolling slideshow of clouds, rain, seagulls, patches of blue, clouds, rain, seagulls…

Anyway, this was me and the Irishman with the vina practicing for a rare gig (completely unique for me, actually) at an Indian restaurant in Cork City, 2003. All completely improvised.