I am a teaching co-founder of the Folk School of Chattanooga, in North Chattanooga.  If it’s a fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, or dulcimer lesson you’re looking for, we’ve got that.  We also have “semesters” of group classes and workshops.  Full details on the www.chattanoogafolk.com website, or call me if you’re interested: 423-779-6581.  If you live in Chattanooga and think you might be interested in learning music, please consider signing up on the Folk School email list!

My super hakkebord (hammered dulcimer) class in Gooik, Belgium, August 2007:

Christie's hakkebord (hammered dulcimer) class in Gooik, Belgium

4 responses to “Teaching”

  1. Jeff Hames says :

    Hello Christi,

    My name is Jeff Hames. I started the New / Young Dulcimer Players Forum last February. Tonight is the first New / Young Hammered Dulcimer Players Forum and I was wondering if you would like to be added as host for forum? Feel free to check out the forum before you make up your mind. Here’s the web site link that will take you straight to the forum: http://jeffhames.com//forum.html .

    If you would like to be a host tonight just let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Keep Playing The Music!
    Jeff Hames

    PS: Tell Butch Hi!

  2. Beth Morel says :

    I completely blanked on the song we practiced today; can you let me know? I started playing “Bring a Torch” or some such, but that was certainly not it.

  3. Terry says :

    Hi Christie,

    Welcome Chattanewgie. I’m a transplant too.

    We are having a big open house Sept 12/13th. It would be absolutely lovely if you would come a play a bit during it all. We can offer food, drink, merry, and acupuncture gift certificates. Please let me know!

    – Terry (423) 400-3884


  4. Betsy Evans says :

    Christie, I keep checking to find the recording of the two Swedish tunes you taught us at the Colorado Dulcimer Festival. Are you going to put them up soon?

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