Wildwood Flower

**Your support of my CD recording project is greatly appreciated! Pre-ordering instructions below.**

It was Matt Evans who first made me stop and smell the poetry in the old familiar “Wildwood Flower”.  This girl weaving roses, lilies, iris, and oleander into her hair, desperate to make herself feel beautiful again after being left by her lover.  Thinking about that, I started to consider what the song (usually very happy and upbeat) would sound like if the musical setting matched the mood of the words.  A late night session with Matt Richardson yielded this new chord progression, a tweak in the rhythmic phrasing, and some sweet harmonies.  Then fast-forward to the start of this summer, where I’ve been spending more and more time with my new friends, Brian and Kara Miscio, playing music at their house on Sunday afternoons.  I finally make a move to begin recording a CD (yes, old fashioned, I know) at Charles Allison’s Spanner Sound studio, and the Miscios are right there, ready for action.  We recorded this just last week, mixed it this morning, and now here it is, the very first finished track of the forthcoming “Christie Burns” album.

I’m sending this out into the world as a representative of the whole project along with a request for your patronage.  It’s been nearly five years since my last recording (“Hear to Play” with Butch Ross), and although I know CDs are becoming a thing of the past, I’m finally ready to make one of my own.  And it’s one of the most exciting things my artistic self has gotten to do in a long time.  It’s true, I’m involved with more music now than ever before, playing fiddle in informal social gathering settings several times a week, playing dulcimer (or piano or guitar, or whatever) at churches all over Chattanooga, occasionally getting the opportunity to play in a quiet living room session with one or two of the many amazing musicians in this city, teaching dulcimer workshops at festivals all over, teaching lessons on a daily basis here at the Folk School of Chattanooga.  This is all great stuff, but none of it has really prepared me for the kind of work that goes on in a recording studio.  Over the past month of working with Charles at Spanner Sound, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation of the skill set a musician must have if she wants to truly express herself through recorded sound.  Though the studio sessions are challenging (like any learning experience would be, and I’m oh so thankful for challenge), the results make me feel like I’m ready for this work.  By the end of this summer I hope to have a finished product, ready to be shipped out, downloaded, passed around among friends, and sold wherever I perform.  So far so good: the creativity is flowing, ideas and visions are coalescing into actual music you can hear and enjoy, I’m working in a truly professional studio complete with expert recording engineer, the other musicians are all ready to contribute their parts, and somehow there’s just enough time in my schedule right now to be working on this.  The only thing lacking is funds–hence the call for support.

I’m asking you, my friends, family, fans, students, teachers, partners in music and dance, random lovers of all things dulcimer, folks who get a kick out of it when someone shines a new light on old music… If you think this is something you can get behind, your $15 advance purchase of a CD will help get the project finished on time.  You can send it to:

Christie Burns

524 East 18th St.

Chattanooga, TN 37408

or if you want to send money though Paypal, use this email address:  christie@chattanoogafolk.com

Just make sure to send your mailing address so I can send a copy of the new CD when it’s ready.

Thank you for the friendship and encouragement that has gotten me this far!  I’m excited to bring my music to life in this way, and excited that my personal community can be part of it too.


14 responses to “Wildwood Flower”

  1. Ann Johnson says :

    I would love to reserve your CD in advance! Will bring you 15 bucks on Tuesday night.

  2. Vicki Herndon says :

    This is wonderful! Are you singing as well?

  3. Anonymous says :

    I love it. Love it.

  4. Laurie Perry Vaughen says :

    Lovely interpretation – both dulcimer and voice.

  5. Bob Wiegand says :

    Very Nice Christie! I will also have to place an advanced copy order.

  6. Robert & Linda says :

    VERY NICE…love the changes…sweet and beautiful!

  7. Simone says :

    Dear Mom, I haven’t heard such purrty music since the car crusher devoured the Oscar Meyer “Weiner-Mobile”. Can you name the CD “Music for cat naps”. I’ll take nine copies, one for each…….! Please give Simba a big nuzzle for me.

  8. cindy pinion says :

    your the best!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so beautiful can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!

  9. Kevin says :

    I’ll take 10 – your first nonprofit distributor.

    PS – I want to see Simone type…..

  10. Dodee Barnes says :

    Christie, It is beautiful.Good luck on this wonderful project.

  11. Lori Carter says :

    Beyond beautiful! I’m sold!

  12. reinout says :

    I like the “pay it forward” idea – how much would it be for the cd included shipping to Belgium (or do you organise special delivery bribed with some La Chouffe or Leffe …)?

  13. Mike Sakarias says :

    CDs are a diminishing presence, but aren’t dead. As a performer at a concert, how are you going to sell digital files at your CD table. People buy CDs to take home. I would say that at least half of the performers I enjoy listening to are not in the iTunes store. Browsing folk music there is impossible; the categorization is terrible — how an all instrumental album of trad tunes be categorized as “Singer/Songwriter”, or “rock” baffles me. As a DJ doing a folk show (Friends & Neighbors), I play lots of CDs. Actually I play only CDs and LPs (remember those?) Though other DJs do bring in their iPods or laptops. We need performers and mucis publishers to send CDs to the station. Folk performers will donate CDs to a radio that has folk programming (and, KRNN in Juneau Alaska has many hours of folk programming). Amazon, Apple, etc will not donate files to public radio stations — and, we don’t have a budget for buying music.


  14. louise says :

    I hope the CD is ready…I want to send to friends in other states. Of course, having my daughter on it makes me wiggle with anticipation. Is it close to ready?

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