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My dulcimer student, Ranae, is on a great path with her music (even if she doesn’t realize it). She has taken lessons from Dan, lessons from me, she’s been collecting a variety of tunes to play on the hammered dulcimer, and now she has finally discovered that she can play the music she actually knows. I had her bring her hymnal from church and show me her favorite hymn. It was “Redeemed”– the new version, not the old version. And of course it was written in the dulcimer-un-friendly key of Eflat major. So I transposed it to D, and we worked out a nice little arrangement of it for dulcimer. Meanwhile, I had a photocopy of the page from the hymnal, with “Redeemed” written in its original key. This page has been sitting in the center of my piano ledge, and I’ve played it several times a week since she first brought it into the house. I’m so turned on by the chord voicings and the harmonies in this! Are all hymns this cool? Can’t possibly be. But I love the thought that the South is full of church-going people because the music in the churches around here just sounds so good, and Southern people have a keen appreciation for harmony. I know that theory won’t stand very well, but still, it’s a nice thought. Butch picked up on the grooviness of this tune too; he said it sounded like Tom Waits.