2010 Upcoming Events

Jan 15 & 16: Winter Dulcimer Fest in Stroudsburg, PA

Jan 22: Concert at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center, Troy, OH

Jan 23: Workshops with the Dayton Dulcimer Club, Dayton, OH

Mar 20: Palate 2 Palette, a benefit for the Craniofacial Foundation of America, Chattanooga, TN***

***Debut at Palate 2 Palette of an original composition, “Fire and Ice”, by Lisa Ferguson and Christie Burns***

April 18-23: Spring Augusta Week, at Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, WV

August 21-25: MuziekMoziaek. Teaching in Gooik, Belgium

Nov 5-7: Music by the Bay, Waretown, NJ

For booking, please contact me at: 423-779-6581 or

5 responses to “Performances”

  1. Janice says :

    It looks like you are headed to Budapest! We just got back and it was great. Pack warm clothes – it is so cold. We hoped to see a cimbalom while we were there, but no luck.

  2. Garry McElwee says :

    hey girl,
    hope your car made it up and back. we enjoyed spending time
    with you and Greg on Friday. Keep up the music.
    I will be back soon.

  3. John Rogers says :


    This is John Rogers. I used to be at McCallie School and now in Chapel Hill. I have been interested in learning the hammered dulcimer for quite some time and will probably bite the bullet this Christmas. I was at Song of the Wood store in Black Mountain, NC yesterday and am now a little overwhelmed with what to get. There web site is: What would you suggest for an entry level that will last me a while. Your opinion would be most respected/ appreceiated. Thanks for your help. Hope you are well. I am sure we will bump into each other at Niedlov’s over the holiday. Thanks. -John

  4. Steve Lippincott says :

    Hey Christie Burns!

    Glad to see you are still out there playing. Do you still play guitar?
    We still have fond memories of you “playing for dinner” at the old upright Piano on Willow Drive.
    Hope you are well. Adele and I think of you often.


  5. Rebecca Schwendler says :

    Hi Christie!

    I’ve got my plane tickets to Atlanta in April and am wondering if you’ll be around on 4/19, 4/20, or 4/21 if I drive up to Chattanooga?! Send me an email or give me a call to let me know. And hey, how’s my original song coming? I can’t wait to hear it and play it! So cool that I won that unique prize. 🙂


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