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More Irish Music on 18th St.

I’m so lucky to have friends like these!!

Short notice session, Rick Davis’s house, Chattanooga, TN, August 12, 2008:

Casey Phillips on tenor banjo, Ken Doyle on flute, and Rick Davis rockin’ the bodhran.

The Home Rulers

Luxury of luxuries!  I stepped out my front door the other evening and saw that my across-the-street neighbors, Rick and Brandy, had their front door open.  So of course I peeked in to see what they were up to, and their dining room was full of Irish musicians!  And they were all working at learning a tune together.  And it just so happens that I bought a fiddle this week, so I ran back over to my place, grabbed my fiddle, and ran back to learn the tune with them.  This is the tune they were learning, a hornpipe called “The Home Rulers” (which I assume is a handy tool used by homeschoolers).  After that we did a slip jig, and I went home a happy bug.  Yay for awesome neighbors!!