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Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry

Here’s a brand new Christmas song I made myself!  With a little help from my new toy, the Boss RC-50.  Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun.


12 Days of Christmas, Day 2.

Ok, it’s not Carol of the Bells, and it’s not Wexford Carol… It’s just something I’ve been playing with and wanted to record before I forgot the interesting chordy things I was doing at the beginning.  I know the vocals aren’t the greatest, and the piano needs a visit from the tuner.  Not much has changed in either of those departments since this blog began two Christmases ago.  As it was when I started blogging, I’m still uploading raw, only maybe slightly practiced bits of ideas and arrangements.  Most importantly, not second-guessing myself (too much), and just letting it be a record of my days.  It’s been really great to look back on all the posts and marvel at the diversity of tracks and videos presented here.  I wish I’d started doing this long ago!  And a note to myself… I need to do some research and looking to find an affordable recording device to recommend to all my students.  It’s a big missing piece in all my teaching and musical meandering.  Not enough people out there documenting their musical worlds!