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Adrian Kosky

I’m feeling like a doofus tonight for forgetting to set up my recorder at our house concert in Memphis.  It’s not that I necessarily wanted to capture me and Butch, but we did something very special at the end with our Australian friend, Adrian Kosky.  He had played a few of his own songs at the beginning of the concert, and then we brought him up for the closing number, where we played a  super groovy version of “Arkansas Traveler” (there were actually two people there who had traveled from Arkansas to come to our concert!) and then Adrian took it straight into a super soulful rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”  That’s a bit of a sentimental one for me, since that’s how we used to end our concerts back in the days of Trailerpark McShank (more on that later).  Anyway…. I’m a doof because I failed to record the magic– the whole room was singing along together.  We had dulcimer, dulcimer, guitar, and some of the sweetest harmony I’ve heard in a while.  Ah!  The best musical moments seem to occur when there’s no microphone on.

Well as a consolation prize, I’ve decided to re-share this video Philip made of Adrian last summer on the mound behind our house.  So just imagine this very same guy, but instead of a mountain dulcimer he’s playing a guitar, and instead of sitting on a dirt mound in Chattanooga he’s standing in a living room in Memphis, and instead of having the pixie-like Jasmine floating around behind him he’s playing to about a dozen sweet folks who all came out for our house concert tonight and sang along like it was their job.


Not like the marching band from my hometown.

I love marching bands. Even small ones. Even in the dark, which is the only way you get them around here. We had a Lundi Gras parade in our neighborhood yesterday, a wonderful excuse to stand out on the sidewalk with the neighbors and take in the sights and sounds of the Howard High School marching band. These kids ROCK! I was especially impressed by the chicks leading the pack. They marched like horses, and their feet even sounded like horses too. But my favorite part of it is the sound of the bass drum echoing off of every building around us. I walked alongside them for a few minutes to capture this audio, and thought to myself, “This is way cool. Our neighborhood has its very own marching band.” I hope they never stop doing what they do, and never stop showing up for these community events. This is seriously fun music!