Westfork Gals, Lazy Spring Afternoon Version

Actually, it’s hardly a lazy afternoon… In fact, I’m enjoying what feels like a miracle that I can take a moment to play a dulcimer and have fun improvising a bit with a tune, in the midst of all the folk school work.  I’m pretty much obsessed with the Folk School of Chattanooga and all its potential (mixed with actual momentum, which makes it exciting).  But still, like a meditation, it’s sweet to come back to the dulcimer once a day, and remind myself that if it weren’t for this trapezoidal magic plinko box, there’d be no folk school, no Chattanooga (for me, anyway), none of the friends I know and love… I know CDs are a bit passe at this point, but I’m forging ahead anyway.  It’s time for a new shiny little CD to have my name on it, and with that in mind, I’m starting to consider all my favorite–really most favorite–tunes.

Here’s one.


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4 responses to “Westfork Gals, Lazy Spring Afternoon Version”

  1. Marcy says :

    Oh, yay, a new CD in the works! I refuse to believe they’re passe. Not completely, not yet. No more than physical books are.

  2. Mike Sakarias says :

    Good to hear you on the dulcimer, again. Looking forward to the CD. I still buy them — and, play them on my folk music show on KRNN in Juneau, Friends & Neighbors.

    We finished our week long music festival (The Alaska Folk Festival) nearly two weeks ago. Still digging out and trying to get the house back in order after guests, music and a week of helping the stage work smoothly for all the performers. Guy Davis was our Guest Artist.

    I played for a dance. Had an amazing number of people turn out for a beginning bones playing workshop. Got together with a dulcimer player form the Yukon, who was feeling lonely, up there. She didn’t know anyone else to played. I showed her a whole bunch of things to experiment with.

    Now, thinking ahead to next year’s AFF. One of the sound engineers we hire and I have been talking about working up a set for several years, she on cello, me on HD. This time I am determined not to let the plan fade. Sets are only fifteen minutes counting set up, so maybe 12 minutes of music. We’re thinking about Drunk at Night Dry in the Morning. Maybe Banish Misfortune. My wife would love it if we played Tam Lin. I was listening to your version of Greasy Coat, tonight on my iPod, as I was cutting and bundling cables for a project at the radio station. I think I need to work on that tune. I love the edginess.


  3. Fred says :

    Ah, west fork gals. That’s one tune I’ll always connect with you. One of the truly great old time tunes!

  4. Fred says :

    And I might add, beautifully played!!

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