Chicky Run (bicycle song)

Chattanooga is a great bicycle town.  Now that my office at the folk school is pretty much put together (I’ll be having to haul less stuff back and forth), and now that the weather’s getting better, I’m looking forward to daily bicycle commutes– And counting on my bike to be the official vehicle of my spring and summer nighttime ramblings around town.  In a daydream about riding around town, this song bubbled to mind.  It’s exactly the kind of happy little melody I like to sing when I’m on my bike.  I hope it helps summon the warmer weather and a cheerful spring in Chattanooga!

I just recorded this here at my desk, using Lisa’s handy Zoom H4n.  Nothing fancy… Just a simple little song about the city I love, with a nonsense chorus, “Chicky Run”!


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3 responses to “Chicky Run (bicycle song)”

  1. Colleen Carboni says :

    Christie, love your song. I will post it on my blog (if I figure how) I first met you on a bike, remember?

  2. mary says :

    i love it! when i get my camera can i make the video? totally see it. 1am bridge. 2am ‘teca. etc

  3. leslie says :

    CUTE!! I want to ride my bike in Chattanooga! :*(

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