Sail Away Ladies

More progress on the RC-50, and still loving it.  This was my first time trying a whole song in live performance mode.  I mean, tonight my only audience was a sleeping Simba, but still I played it as though it were a performance.  Up ’til now it’s just been playing with loops and not giving much more than a single thought towards arrangement or structure.


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3 responses to “Sail Away Ladies”

  1. Ned Smith says :

    Way cool!!

  2. reinbald says :

    so beatifull – hope to hear more soon.
    BTW, I understood that Karen isn’t teaching in Gooik this year, does that mean that you are returning?

  3. Mike Sakarias says :

    Hello again from Alaska,

    I have to admit a sort of neutral position on electronics in acoustic music. On the other hand, I like what you did. And, tonight got back from a play and a chat with the musicians, where one of them was using loops on some of the music to help the two of them sound a bit more numerous.

    I have a barn dance coming up in a week with my band, Impromptu. Then, my day job will start getting intense for a couple months, precluding much playing.

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