12 Days of Christmas, Day 2.

Ok, it’s not Carol of the Bells, and it’s not Wexford Carol… It’s just something I’ve been playing with and wanted to record before I forgot the interesting chordy things I was doing at the beginning.  I know the vocals aren’t the greatest, and the piano needs a visit from the tuner.  Not much has changed in either of those departments since this blog began two Christmases ago.  As it was when I started blogging, I’m still uploading raw, only maybe slightly practiced bits of ideas and arrangements.  Most importantly, not second-guessing myself (too much), and just letting it be a record of my days.  It’s been really great to look back on all the posts and marvel at the diversity of tracks and videos presented here.  I wish I’d started doing this long ago!  And a note to myself… I need to do some research and looking to find an affordable recording device to recommend to all my students.  It’s a big missing piece in all my teaching and musical meandering.  Not enough people out there documenting their musical worlds!


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2 responses to “12 Days of Christmas, Day 2.”

  1. Deirdre says :

    hey, just tried to play this, but didn’t work 😦 will try again in a few days. looking forward to checking out funding apps during Christmas. That’s my present to myself: dreaming of Chattanooga. Nollaig mhór mhaith agat, Dxx

  2. Larry says :

    Hi Cristie. There are lots of choices in inexpensive recording options. The one I use all the time for jam sessions and for recording my son’s college concerts, etc. is the Zoom H2. Most places sell it for about $179 now and it records to an SD card in multiple .wav or .mp3 sample rates. Specs here:


    I recently recorded my son’s fraternity Musicale with it, if you want to hear samples. I posted them for some of his frat brothers to hear. We were sitting in the back of the auditorium when I recorded these. I did amplify the signal slightly in Audacity after the recording, and cut them into separate songs, but that is all. You can hear them here:


    Thanks for your posts, and your music.

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