Working Hands

Here’s a little gospely number I wrote in the shower the other day.  Seems like something that could’ve come out of the Unitarian hymn book, and no surprise there.  This song has some of my favorite things in it– playing the piano, lots of fifth intervals, and invented words (“feelya”, “walkya”, “growya”, and “giveya”).  I’m not that crazy about the quality of the recording… Still on a search for a good digital recorder, I suppose.  This one makes the piano sound muffled, my voice sound unreasonably clear, and is overall too quiet or something.  It could just be that I need a good microphone.

Anyway, all technological critiques aside, I’m pretty happy with the song… It sounds to me like a conversation between a person (ok, me) and the universe.  Just some happy thoughts passed back and forth, you know, a little small talk, me and the universe.

“Working Hands” recorded at 524 East 18th St., Chattanooga, June 8, 2009:

Working Hands, by Christie Burns


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5 responses to “Working Hands”

  1. Matt Evans says :

    Very, very nice.

  2. Leslie Patient says :

    I like it!

  3. Mike Norvill says :

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think it’s great! ^_^

  4. Paul Coppin says :

    Hi Christie,

    Like your work, especially the HD, but you’re pretty versatile all around! I play with the HD and a couple of MDs but I suspect I’m more carpenter than dulcimer…:)

    Anyway, I took a copy of Working Hands and spent a few minutes with it in Audacity, “unmuffling” it, and bringing up your voice, and toned down the piano a bit. You can download it from here See if you like this. If you’re interested in what and how I did to it, send me an email – I think you get to see the email I typed in. If you can’t download it, send me and email or leave a comment and I’ll get it to you some way.

  5. Mike Sakarias says :


    Yes, the audio on the WordPress link is terrible fir me — scratchy AND variable pitch, like an old, worn, dirty cassette tape. One can get the “link above” the link in the middle of your post to sound bad, too, if you simply play it from the pop-up little window (as I did, initially). Opening it on a page by itself and playing the mp3 file there is fine.


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