Summer Memory

I stumbled across this on YouTube. I think it’s kind of fun that some tourist happened to capture a piece of this unique day when my friend Helen Gubbins was visiting.


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5 responses to “Summer Memory”

  1. Delyn says :

    Christie – This clip is so nice to see on a cold winters day in Colorado and to remind us of the fun summer days ahead!
    We are really looking forward to your upcoming visit. Bring warm clothes – February can be bone chilling! We’d love to have you come visit Boulder before or after the CDF if you have time. You can stay with us!
    Let me know if there is anything else you need for the festival. Cheers!

  2. Phil says :

    Kind of makes me wish I had a mint julep and a hammock here in my office.

  3. Marcy says :

    What is that tune? I want to learn it. And I wouldn’t have thought accordion and dulcimer would sound so nice all by themselves, but they do.

  4. Marcy says :

    I have a nagging feeling you taught that at CDF last year and that the music has been lying neglected in a folder since then… I’ll have to go look, whenever I get around to it…

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