I’m very happy with the music Lisa Ferguson and I have been making lately.  We conquered a whole slew of Christmas tunes for the upcoming season, and we’ve been polishing the tunes we already have in the repetoire.  This one, Steffaleken from Norway, is one of our favorites.  We haven’t reached the perfect arrangement with it yet, but we always have fun when we play it.  Lisa and I will be playing in St. Elmo on Saturday, November 29th at 11am, and we’re looking for some more Christmas gigs– so get in touch if you can use some beautiful dulcimer music for your event!


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2 responses to “Steffaleken”

  1. Sumit says :

    Very pretty music. I like the cat in the background too.

    Where in St. Elmo?

    I’d like to get some high-res clips sometime if you don’t mind.

  2. dulcimergirl says :

    Hey Sumit,
    I don’t know exactly where in St. Elmo we’ll be. This is all part of their Christmas celebration. Santa will be traveling down the incline to light the community Christmas tree and all that. So, I’m assuming we’ll be somewhere in that vicinity. If you want to come shoot some video, that’d be great!! I’ll give you more details when I get them.

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