New (old) Hammond Organ

Wonders never cease.  How have I made it this far in life without ever laying hands on one of these bad boys??  I was skeptical at first about having an instrument in the house that required (gasp!) electricity, but when I sat down at that estate sale to try it out, and found the F# diminished chord button, I was smitten.  Forty dollars later, I’m now the proud owner of a wonderful nineteen-fifty-something Hammond S-100 chord organ.  And it’s awesome.

I now feel like I could have the coolest Halloween house on the block AND audition for the Lookouts.  That’d be a sweet summer gig!  How is Chattanooga letting them get away with having no live organist anyway?


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7 responses to “New (old) Hammond Organ”

  1. smitty says :

    We need to make this happen. They could pull the old organ from Engle Stadium and get you lined up to play it. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!!!

  2. Fred says :

    And after you leave the ball park, you can find some smoky Chattanooga jazz bar and play some cool bluesy organ tunes ala Jimmy Smith: Great stuff. Have fun with the new instrument!

  3. Marcy says :

    We had an old Yamaha — my first official instrument lessons were on that thing. Even played in some competitions, ha. All those oldie tunes my teacher had us learn…

  4. Ross says :

    I like how your cat is clawing up the mattress. Classic.

  5. Phil says :

    That cat seems to prefer Dixie Land to Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Always take your cues from cats.

  6. sumdog says :

    Now that you have an organ, you know that you have to learn how to play Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida on it, right?

  7. el frito says :

    sounds like a prime candidate for organ donation

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