Minstrel banjo

As long as he keeps inviting me out for gigs and playing these beautiful tunes on his many banjos, Matt Evans will always run the risk of getting splashed up on my blog.  We had a really nice time playing tunes at Rock City’s Enchanted Maze down at the foot of Lookout Mountain last weekend.  We sat under the wide canopy of an old oak tree, entertained the visitors and ourselves… Made some very nice music with hammered dulcimer and banjo (and then at one point, Matt made the mistake of handing me the banjo, which is kind of like hiring the Swedish Chef to cater your next tea party).  I enjoyed this moment when Matt pulled out the minstrel banjo and played a few tunes uniquely suited for the instrument.  I sat back and took in the whole scene: oak tree, mountain, music to time-travel by, the very beginning of autumn in Chattanooga, the joy of having friends to play music with…

Some guy who was listening came up to me and asked if Matt was Amish, to which I replied, “No, but he sure does look the part.”  And then this guy, figuring the coast was clear, and that no actual Amish people would be harmed in the telling of this joke, proceeded to tell me one of the tiredest Amish jokes of them all: “What goes clip clop, clip clop, clip clop, bang!?”

…Which reminds me, Matt, you have to get a little matching hat for your limberjack.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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2 responses to “Minstrel banjo”

  1. Fred says :

    Cool banjo! Cool tune too.

  2. Matt Evans says :

    Thanks Fred! It’s called “Jim Along Josie”. Did you ever get anywhere with “The White Face Reel”?

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