Nick Blanton’s Whompy Thing

After a delicious and hilariously fun dinner in Washington D.C., Valerie and I drove out to Shepherdstown, West Virginia to spend the night with Nick and Joanie Blanton. Shepherdstown is my own personal dulcimer mecca, but that’s probably a story for another time. Let’s just say I was bound to get something juicy for my music blog at the Blanton’s… Music seeps through their pores. (and it doesn’t hurt that they have lots of unusual instruments around the house!)

Here’s a quick video of Nick playing his tambour de Béarn, and for more information on that instrument, you might like to check out this handy description contributed by Rick Davis:

Nick Blanton playing tabor pipe and tambour de Béarn, August 17, 2008, Shepherdstown, WV:


2 responses to “Nick Blanton’s Whompy Thing”

  1. Mike Sakarias says :

    Nick made my dulcimer, oh about 15 years ago, now. Whew. Time has flown.


  2. Irene Tukuafu says :

    I was soooooooooooo taken back and in awe of Nick Blanton in the latest D.P.N. as I also make instruments. I went on D.P.N. line and saw him play this darling Sheitholt and I want to make one myself. I’d love the dimensions, etc. I’m building a ROUND house that has 27 sides. I’m using 1750 logs….not enough to build what it used to be, but to cut up and see the beautiful hand hewn logs…….I’d love to make this instrument to play and hang on wall…..Not only houses can be made in a new configuration from old wood, but even instruments. I loved also this “banging thingie” that he played. Wow, how fun is that? Thank you for posting this one. I’ll keep searching to see if this guy has some kind of web site. I now live in Nauvoo, Illinois and we’re building our house to look across the widest place in the Mississippi River. (used to live in Hawaii) Aloha, Irene Tukuafu

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