A Waiting Waltz

Waltzes happen when I’m waiting.  A waltz a nice way to while away a wait.  A waltz will whittle the wait down to a wisp, whisk it away, and before you know it what you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

I happened to have a wee bit of a wait last week and started writing this waltz in a key I’ve never used before (or at least not recently).  The B-part is still undecided.  Any suggestions?  I don’t feel so personally attached to this one for some reason… So I’d be glad to toss it up for public collaboration!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rewrite the B-part of this waltz…and feel free to touch up the A-part as much as you see fit.


2 responses to “A Waiting Waltz”

  1. Marcy says :

    Mmmmmmmmm… I really like it. It’s the second phrase of the B part that I would focus on if I were revising the tune. Not sure why. Too mirror-like?

    By the way, I would still really love to hear / see that African piece from CDF here if you can post it.

  2. bobw says :

    lovely. makes me want to learn to play the piano. meanwhile, I’ll give it a whirl with the mando and see what happens. thanks for sharing!

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