I’m living this bizarre, wonderful life where I dream up wishes and then they happen.  Like that time when I was wishing I could someday have and play a hammered dulcimer… Well in 2001 it was my sincere wish that I could learn more about Swedish music and the very fascinating Swedish folk instrument–the nyckelharpa.  It’s funny that this wish came true in Ireland of all places, but there she was.  Elin Skoglund (at the time, now Anderzon) happened to be the flatmate of my friend Zena.  At the international student orientation, Zena approached me and said I had to meet her new Swedish flatmate, because she plays this really odd, beautiful folk instrument…. And I knew my wish was granted.

So this post is another invitation to my happy place.  If nyckelharpas don’t make your heart flutter like they do mine, there’s the seated dance these two are doing and the joy on their faces–sure to bring a smile.  This is Elin and Edward Anderzon, performing last year in Pennsylvania.  The tune is Spelmansglädje.


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2 responses to “Spelmansglädje”

  1. Fred says :

    Yay, the nyckelharpa! I’ve only seen Elin play one, the day after a tropical storm passed through NJ as I recall. I think the tune she played then was “42.” This tune here is great. Its good to hear what Edward contributes on his bass(?) harpa. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Delyn says :

    Love that Nykelharpa! Thanks Christie for sharing the performance by Elin and Edward.

    We have a player here in Boulder that introduced us to this cool instrument, Sandra Wong. Her playing is amazing!

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