Chief O’Neill’s Favorite Hornpipe

Last week was a great one.  Music all week… and yet, hardly any of it captured.  With Chattanooga all up in its Riverbend frenzy now, I’m happy to report that my week was full of traditional music and dulcimer lessons.  One happy surprise was a visit from George and Martha.  (Okay, I admit, it wouldn’t have been so much of a surprise if I had actually written it down on my calendar.)  They came and enjoyed our Monday night old time session, and then later in the week I had a two hour lesson with George in which we worked on Chief O’Neill’s Favorite Hornpipe.  (I wonder what it was called before the chief decided it was his favorite.)  I promised George I’d email him this video we took of me playing through the tune very slowly, but instead I’ve decided to post it here on the blog since it’s a tune I frequently teach.  It’s good for players who have mild bridge-crossing anxiety!

One response to “Chief O’Neill’s Favorite Hornpipe”

  1. Ken Sheller says :

    Thanks for the video. I had forgotten what a great tune Chief O’Neill’s Favorite is.

    I noticed that with your right hand you keep the index finger away from the hammer but not with the left. Is there some reason for this or did you just happen to hurt your finger of something?

    Do you by chance have written music for Chief O’Neill?


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