Old Chattanooga

Due to a scheduling/weather snafu, we got bumped out of our usual spot at the Market Street Tavern tonight just after we started our old time jam.  Luckily, the house isn’t too far away, and miraculously, it was even clean enough for guests, so we negotiated with the kind tavern for a case of beer to go, and transported the whole jam to 18th Street.  Now I generally look forward to Monday nights as my fiddle practice night, but given that there were already one-hundred-and-eleventy-seven fiddles, I went for the more diverse option, the dulcimer.  Of course, I was also able to pull out the banjo on a tune, and even spun around on my stool and banged one out on the piano.  It turned out to be a really fun evening with some great tunes!  Thanks to all of you who came, for being so flexible.  Looking forward to next week’s jam, back at the Market Street Tavern, 6-9.  For anyone who has just happened upon this post, the weekly old time jam on Monday nights is open to any musicians who want to play old time tunes–no experience necessary!  Beginners welcome!

Here’s the tune, Old Chattanooga, being played in my living room, Monday, May 26, 2008:


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4 responses to “Old Chattanooga”

  1. Fred says :

    Wow! Lots of fiddles! Sounds great. I think I’m in the position to add some banjo the next time the jam is at the Market Street Tavern (June 2). Looking forward to it!

  2. Carla says :

    Hi Christie,

    Fabulous! Your living room is filled with fiddles and fun!! I WISH I could have been there, and I might just travel up your way one day to see you and play, too! Always wanted to fiddle around on one of those things. Let’s get together soon.

    Love ya,


    P.S. I missed seeing you, ya know… in this Youtube show!

  3. bobw says :

    hey there. nice to find you via folkjam. hopefully I can come check out the old time jam soon, if you dont mind an octave mando in the mix. I dont know much about OT yet but I do enjoy jamming. and I think you may be neighbors with some friends of mine (Cooleys)? anyway, love the music and hope to meet you sometime.

  4. Gary says :

    Ohhh YEAH! I think old Chattanooga and Pigs Foot are both my new anthems!

    Has Bryan shown you Farewell to Trion yet…. another good “local” tune!

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