Got a Bose Stick Today

Weee! I just got my brand new Bose stick sound system (L1 model II), set it all up, plugged in my dulcimer (the Masterworks) and took off on some kind of improvisation using the delay effect. Ain’t ya proud, Dan? Ok, so this is like way a lot of fun… I’ll keep this post short and go back to playing with my new toy! Good times to come! And sweet sounding music.

“Stick Today”, recorded by Christie Burns on 18th Street, May 18, 2008:


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One response to “Got a Bose Stick Today”

  1. Pennye Scheiber says :

    Hi Christie,
    I just wrote an article about my experience at the National Trail festival for 2 dulcimer clubs I belong to. Of course, I plugged you, your music and your website. Sure hope you make it up to Michigan this summer. Passed along your Mind Stretching Exercises to my students too. Blew their minds!
    Looking forward to getting your CD sometime soon.
    Take care…………….Pennye

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