Mothers Day Composition, for my mom, of course.

This past Sunday, Butch and I were playing our first of many Sundays out at the aquarium. He’d gotten up for a bathroom break, so I was left there alone to improvise on my dulcimer. A small meditation on my mother, and Mothers Day in general, is what came out. When Butch came back, he added in all kinds of ambient loops with the guitar, real spacey rhythmless stuff, and it sounded great. I should’ve been recording then, but I wasn’t. Instead, I’ve recreated my part here in the living room this morning on the brand new Masterworks 16/15c I’m selling.

It’s called, “My Mother Is Beautiful,” recorded on 18th Street in Chattanooga, May 13, 2008:


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2 responses to “Mothers Day Composition, for my mom, of course.”

  1. Sumit says :

    I stopped by my parents house for mothers day. I gave my mom a rose…that I clipped from the rose bush in front of their house…

    …on the ‘good son-o-meter’ I’m pretty sure I’m throughly in the red.

  2. luisa says :

    que bosta

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