The album of my year.

Earlier this week I decided to order myself a birthday gift, and with some luck it actually arrived on my birthday!  It’s Malcolm Dalglish’s latest, “Into the Sky.”  It’s under the ensemble’s name, Ooodoo, which is himself, Moira Smiley, Naomi Dalglish, and Joshua Kartes, plus N. Scott Robinson a’tappin’ on all kinds of percussion.  I met these folks (all except Joshua) back in the summer of 2001 when I attended Malcolm’s outdoor singing camp in California.  That remains two of the most musically memorable weeks of my life, so you can imagine what emotions are stirred in me to hear this music again, recorded and produced so beautifully on this cd.   These are Malcolm’s original compositions, mainly for folk choir accompanied by hammered dulcimer. On the first track, “Walking in the Cradle of our Land,” there’s piano and hammered dulcimer playing together– a perfect blend to support the voices.

I thought I’d share at least the link for the site where you can hear samples of the tracks– Have a listen and you’ll know what my world sounds like these days! 


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One response to “The album of my year.”

  1. Marcy says :

    Ooooh, Dalglish. One of my new friends here used to sing with him — I don’t remember in what context.

    Happy birthday!

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