Carousel in Coolidge Park.

Today was another perfect Sunday.  Silvia is visiting from Slovakia, so we got to take her out on the town.  First, brunch and bloody marys at the Northshore, and then a ride on the Coolidge Park carousel.  What simple joys in life!  I’ve been on the carousel many times now, but this was the first time I’ve been on it with the calliope working.  I don’t know who in Chattanooga cares enough about these things to see to it that the calliope gets fixed… I can see how they’d be content to just play a cd of carousel music.  But no, today we got the real thing.  I was riding on a real flying horse, and the music was coming directly out of those stalks of pipes and mechanical drums.  Now one of Chattanooga’s special treats (the carousel) is officially one of Chattanooga’s special musical treats.  So totally worth the buck for a ride.


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2 responses to “Carousel in Coolidge Park.”

  1. Marcy says :

    If I get to the festival this summer, I am going to make a point of riding that!

  2. Mary says :

    who is that random girl talk talk talking over the calliope?

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