Contradance Rehearsal

Well the time has finally come for Butch and I to play for the Chattanooga contradance.  I’m excited about this because although we’ve played for contradances before, it’s always been with a group, and this time it’s just us as a duo.  That means that we get to pull out all kinds of tunes we’ve collected together over the years and throw them together in fun ways.  And I’m excited about playing for the dancers, because that adds a whole new rhythmic element to our music, which could lead to a whole new groove altogether.

Here are two clips from our rehearsal tonight.  They’re not perfect, but it’s the sound of us working out some ideas.  It’ll be rockin’ on Saturday, I’m fairly sure.  If any of you blogateers are within a stone’s throw of Chattanooga (or Ringgold, actually), I’d say you should come on out and dance a little.

Butch and Christie’s contradance rehearsal:  Blackberry Blossom into Miserlou, into June Apple:

And another, Fearghal O’Gara’s into Mississippi Sawyer into Nail That Catfish to the Tree:


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