No Strings Attached

Going a bit out of chronological order here, and stepping back to Saturday night, 2/9/2008. This was one of the hot numbers in the No Strings Attached set, where they invited up Guy George, Karen Mueller, and Butch Ross for a little “Lady Be Good.” That’s Wes Chappell on mandolin, Randy Marchany on hammered dulcimer, and Bob Thomas on bass. These guys have been rockin’ the dulcimer world since before I was born.


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One response to “No Strings Attached”

  1. Mike says :

    It’s good to see Wes Chappell and Randy Marchany, again. I took a week long workshop at Augusta Heritage with them, maybe 15 years ago. Learned a lot. One thing that stands out, though, was when they asked each of the 15-20, or so of us, to play something. Nervous. With an average audience, you can get away with mistakes and not fret. But, all of these folks (I assumed) knew what a dulcimer was supposed to sound like, and maybe even knew the tune, so would hear my mistakes. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous, except for one of the first times I played in public.

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