Adrian Kosky

I’m feeling like a doofus tonight for forgetting to set up my recorder at our house concert in Memphis.  It’s not that I necessarily wanted to capture me and Butch, but we did something very special at the end with our Australian friend, Adrian Kosky.  He had played a few of his own songs at the beginning of the concert, and then we brought him up for the closing number, where we played a  super groovy version of “Arkansas Traveler” (there were actually two people there who had traveled from Arkansas to come to our concert!) and then Adrian took it straight into a super soulful rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”  That’s a bit of a sentimental one for me, since that’s how we used to end our concerts back in the days of Trailerpark McShank (more on that later).  Anyway…. I’m a doof because I failed to record the magic– the whole room was singing along together.  We had dulcimer, dulcimer, guitar, and some of the sweetest harmony I’ve heard in a while.  Ah!  The best musical moments seem to occur when there’s no microphone on.

Well as a consolation prize, I’ve decided to re-share this video Philip made of Adrian last summer on the mound behind our house.  So just imagine this very same guy, but instead of a mountain dulcimer he’s playing a guitar, and instead of sitting on a dirt mound in Chattanooga he’s standing in a living room in Memphis, and instead of having the pixie-like Jasmine floating around behind him he’s playing to about a dozen sweet folks who all came out for our house concert tonight and sang along like it was their job.


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