Illustration by Terry Payne

This is a piece I wrote and recorded on Christmas Eve. I like it because it reminds me of an artist in Pasadena, Terry Payne, whose work is shown above. Mostly, it reminds me of the music on his website, but then I can easily remember meeting him and his big fluffy dog on the streets of Pasadena while I played my dulcimer there. He was quite a lot older than me, and I’m pretty sure we had little, if anything, in common… But it’s probably the mystery that I liked about him the most. I remember a certain gentle intensity about him. Before I had a chance to get to know him at all, I left for Ireland. While I was in Ireland, Terry sent me a very cool postcard– an illustration of his in the style Polish circus poster that originally had the word “Cyrk” on it, that Terry had cleverly changed to “Cork”. All these years I’ve kept him in mind as the artist I’d like to have design my cd cover. You out there, Terry? You with me on this? Remember your dulcimer girl?


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2 responses to “Red”

  1. terry payne says :

    words fail me – coming so unexpectedly upon the above. remembered fondly and picturesquely by some young girl who once knew me for five minutes, so long ago. my little dulcimer girl! write!

  2. Samantha says :

    hello–I’m the model in the illustration above. I’m sure Terry would be happy to do a “D Is for Dulcimer” illustration for you. 🙂


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