Consider this another work in progress. Got out of the bath one day, but didn’t drain the water out right away because Eleanor, the cat, likes to stand on the edge of the tub and lick the water. From the other room, I could hear this dripping sound, like I must have turned the water almost completely off, but not quite. By the time I returned to the bathroom with my microphone, Eleanor had long since lost her interest in the water… but she noticed my interest, and joined me while I recorded the drip. I’d like to compose a piece of music around this. Wouldn’t you?


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2 responses to “Drip.”

  1. Ned Smith says :

    I was a sonarman in the Navy in the late 50’s. One of our crew composed a great guitar song using the recorded sound of a passing freighter propeller as the bass line.

  2. Bryan says :

    I just wrote a song that was inspired by it and it’s called, “Now I have to Pee.”

    I can imagine you’d put something far more remarkable to it.

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