Traditional Hungarian Music, hot off the press

I’m in an internet cafe in Budapest, and I don’t have much time, so I’ll just quickly post this mp3, and then take some time later to write about it. This was a performance Viktoria and Istvan took us to last night in this awesome folk club. After the concert, there was dancing until who knows what hour. We left around midnight, sweaty, and our nostrils full of dust that got kicked up off the floor. Wow.

I really should’ve written down the name of this band– they were great. Anyway, can’t wait to share, so here’s a clip from the performance. I love this woman’s voice, and the agressive whistle playing! Later, the whole room was making music with this band, as the dancers had steps that added to the percussion, and some call and response action… More to come!


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One response to “Traditional Hungarian Music, hot off the press”

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    Hello and thankyou very much for putting the mp3 of this wonderful music on line,i am going to Hungary for the first time on the 3rd oct to help teach in an orphanidge,i am a musician and so wanted to listen to there music in the hope of being able to perhaps play something to them in there style,although i dont think it will be easy as it is so different to anything i am used to ,but i will try anyway !
    God Bless you and thankyou ,John

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