Confused Waltz

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little confused. And I sat down with all of my feelings at the piano and wrote this waltz. I find that it’s good to play when you’re thinking too hard, because the playing can take over… Sometimes it’s just funny what comes out, though. So the first audio clip here is me playing the “Confused Waltz” on the piano just moments after coming up with the initial idea. The second clip is me playing the melody and accompaniment on the dulcimer, having recorded each part separately, which is not a particularly fun or easy thing to do. So I think the dulcimer version is just as rough as the piano version, but rough for different reasons. In terms of the accompaniment, I’ve decided (since that first piano recording) to hang onto the G rather than move to an A and then C in the bass. I think that sounds a lot better, although it made it apparent to me that I had stolen the chords–even for the second part– from a Death Cab for Cutie song, appropriately titled, “Different Names for the Same Thing”.

Confused Waltz, original piano version, recorded moments after I composed it:

Confused Waltz, dulcimer version, recorded this morning after a long weekend in Bardstown:

Different Names for the Same Thing, by Death Cab for Cutie (just a piece of it):


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