Muckin’ About on Edel’s MD

This is one from the archives. 2004 sometime, 3 Red Abbey Court, which was the last place I lived in in Cork City. I don’t really remember why I had Edel’s* cardboard mountain dulcimer, and I don’t really remember playing it–much less writing a tune on it–but I have this minidisc in my little treasure box, and it’s labeled “Christie muckin’ about on Edel’s MD”. Other than that, the only clue that this is actually me playing the mountain dulcimer (something I’ve rarely done) is the slowness of it all, and my obvious love for those major seconds. I wish I had a photo of that house to show where this music took place. The kitchen was yellow and had a table in it that folded up into a cutting board. My bedroom was a wild magenta color, and the window framed the church tower outside so poetically that I’ll probably never forget it.

A piece I wrote on Edel’s cardboard mountain dulcimer:

A little meditation on Amazing Grace…

*Edel Sullivan, by the way, isn’t a mountain dulcimer player at all. She’s one of Cork’s best fiddlers!


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One response to “Muckin’ About on Edel’s MD”

  1. Deirdre Ní Chonghaile says :

    when I’m next in Cork, I’ll see if I can remember to take a photo of the house for you. Let the new tenants think I’m stalking them… or just ‘casing the joint’ 🙂

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