August 29, 1984.

My first rejection letter. This came from Father Joe Glass at our church, enclosed with the tape he was returning to my mother, informing her of the reasons why he didn’t want to use my recording at Aunt Carol’s funeral mass. Too much of a “tear jerker” he says. I don’t know whose idea it was to have my sister Leslie play this on the piano, have me sing, and then record it all, but I’m SO grateful that such a tape exists. It has to be my earliest musical recording, and what a beautiful document of my four-year-old self!

An interesting sidenote– Tonight I happened to be talking with Gramma on the phone, and she mentioned having spoken recently on the phone with Clara Mae Turner, the woman who sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in the movie version of Carousel. Quite a coincidence there! Then again, she also told me about the flowers she received from Julie Andrews… So that’s just Gramma, she’s a high-class kinda gal.

Here’s a photo of Leslie and me, perhaps around the same time of making this recording, getting in on some of the Jersey shore action.christieandlesliesmall.jpg

And now for the bonus track, “You Light Up My Life”:


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4 responses to “August 29, 1984.”

  1. Leslie says :

    Who’s that GORGEOUS girl in the blue bathing suit. Sigh, and I thought I was chubby back then. Perspective.
    This is awesome. You sound SOOO cute–we knew you’d be a musician, what four year old could stay on pitch with ME playing the piano!
    Love you lots.

  2. Amy says :

    It is a tear-jerker in an amazing way. So, so sweeet! xoa

  3. Sarah says :

    Hey Christie,

    I love the singing. I wish I had been as cute as you when I was 4. I had too much competition, and none of us could play the piano (allow there was one in the house).
    I can’t believe your Gramma knows Julie Andrews! Crazy!
    I hope you have a wonderful New Years. Hope to see you soon.


    P.S. Your brother just called me “nifty”…he’s quite the sweet talker.

  4. Deirdre Ní Chonghaile says :


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